Bormac MOD.101 Refractometer 0-32 BRIX - Set
Bormac MOD.101 Refractometer 0-32 BRIX - Set
Bormac MOD.101 Refractometer 0-32 BRIX
Bormac MOD.110 - ABBE Refractometer
Bormac DBR sal Digital Refractometer SALINITY
Bormac DBR 95 Refractometer DIGITALE 0-95 Brix
Bormac MOD.101 Refractometer 0-32 BRIX - Set

Bormac refractometers

Giorgio Bormac presents a complete line of portable and bench refractometers of excellent quality for normal production controls in the various industrial and food sectors.

All models are supplied ready to use with calibration kit and padded case.
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Bestell Nr.Lagerstand
Zentrallager DE
 101, for sugar 0-32% Brix- Standard cover (NO LED)143000013auf Anfrage 
 101 ATC (Automatic Temperature compensation), for sugar 0-32% Brix-Standard cover (NO LED)143000103auf Anfrage 
 101 ATC LED (Automatic Temperature compensation), for sugar 0-32% Brix- Cover with LED143000203auf Anfrage 
 102, for sugar 28-62% Brix - Standard cover (NO LED)143000023auf Anfrage 
 103, for sugar 0-80% Brix-Standard cover (NO LED)143000033auf Anfrage 
 103 LED, for sugar 0-80% Brix-Cover with LED143000223auf Anfrage 
 104, for Honey, 58-92% Sugar- 12-27% Water- 38-43°Beaumè- Standard cover (NO LED)143000043auf Anfrage 
 105, Urine, 0-12g/dl Sierum, 1,000-1,050 sg Urine, 1,3330-1,3600 nD Refractive Index - Standard cover (NO LED143000053auf Anfrage 
 106, for Salinity 0-28% NaCl - Standard cover (NO LED)143000063auf Anfrage 
 106 ATC, for Salinity 0-100‰ NaCl (Sea water) - Standard cover (NO LED)143000113auf Anfrage 
 107 ATC, for Wine 0-32% Brix, 0-28 KM/W Babo - Standard cover (NO LED)143000123auf Anfrage 
 107 ATC LED, for Wine 0-32% Brix, 0-28 KM/W Babo - Cover with LED143000233auf Anfrage 
 414 ATC, for Antifreeze and Battery -50°C-0°C EG Ethilen Glicol, -50°C-0°C PG Propilen Glicol, -40°C-0°C CW C143000173auf Anfrage 
 Replaced Standard cover ( NO LED)143000163auf Anfrage 
 Replaced Cover with LED143000003auf Anfrage 
 110 ABBE, 1,3000/1,7000 nD - 0,0/95,0 %Brix included digital thermometer143000133auf Anfrage 
 Replaced digital thermometer for 110 Abbe143000153auf Anfrage 
 DBR 35, Multiscale digital, 0,0-35,0 % Brix, 1,3333-1,3900 nD, 0,0-40,0°C144000033auf Anfrage 
 DBR 45, Multiscale digital, 0,0-45,0 % Brix, 1,3333-1,4098 nD, 0,0-40,0°C144000043auf Anfrage 
 DBR salt, Multiscale digital, 0,0-28,0% Salinity, 0,0-35,0 % Brix, 1,3333-1,3900 nD, 0,0-40,0°C144000053auf Anfrage 
 DBR 95 Multiscale digital, 0,0-95,0 % Brix, 1,3333-1,5318 nD, 0,0-40,0°C144000063auf Anfrage 


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